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Great job on tints for both my cars and ceramic pro coating. Amazing pricing and jobs were done in a timely manner. Ray was courteous and helpful. Great atmosphere. Definitely would go back for future jobs.

amanda andrew

Came in to get my tints, great customer service was shown as soon as I walked in the door to when I walked out. Extremely kind people. My tints look amazing! Gives the car a new look, would highly recommend!

Bhavinee Budoo

Got my car wrapped and ceramic coated there. Great pricing with no problems. The new shop looks great with a waiting area and even Netflix!

Brian Mohamed

Visited this shop to have my remote starter installed and car cleaned. Job well done!! Very satisfied with quality of service.


I got my Car’s remote starter done at RAYS auto salon.and very much satisfied with the work .Thanks Avie .
I would highly recommend these guys.

Gurjeet Saini

Got my remote starter and tints done here great quality with a great price will definitely recommend!!

Juan Lizarralde

I got my tint (ceramic) and remote starter done at Ray’s Auto Salon. The pictures of my car speak for themselves. No problems even 1 year in! Great service. Great people. Pay them the money and get it done right!

Nyron J.

I had 2 cars done here tinting and remote starters about 1 year ago. They did an amazing job and a year later all is still good. Will go back to them again ad I have bought another car.

Joseph Gouveia

Had my car detailed, front two windows tinted and ceramicpro done. He did an amazing job was very happy with his work and also would definitely recommend ceramicpro its such a great product my car is always cleaned.

Gita Amyan

Installed my fog lights to my civic 12’ was installed great by avi. Although one of my fog light bulb were blown due to the company of the fog lights, avi was nice enough to replace the bulb for me as well as educate me on car related stuff i had no idea to. Great guy and great company overall.

Prince M

Great experience, my tints came out a