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Paint Correction

WHAT IS PAINT Correction?

Paint correction is a term to describe the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle. This process is done to remove minor surface imperfections that dull, oxidize, haze, or reflect light in various directions. The list of imperfections includes swirl marks or “spider webbing”, fine scratches, holograms, and buffer trails caused by inexperienced detailers.

Restore your car to look new again

multi-step process

Done by an expert hand, paint correction restores the vehicle’s condition to a “better than brand new” status. It’s the stage that detailers pride themselves in the most, and is the stage in which the detailer truly showcases their skill.

The only true way to remove fine scratches in your paint is with the process of paint correction. After paint correction, your fine scratches are gone for good. Simple proper maintenance is required to avoid putting new scratches into your paint and keep your car looking great long after it is detailed.

Paint polishing is usually a multi-step process that includes a range of different pads and polishes. These range from leveling pads and compounds, to ultra soft pads and micro-fine polishes that remove any compound hazing and create a surface that has brilliant clarity, gloss and shine.

Paint correction is a very labor intensive process and it is the most time consuming part of the car detailing process. Several polish steps may be required to achieve full correction. The first being paint leveling and the last being a very fine finishing polish to achieve brilliance and clarity.

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Fully trained staff, Ceramic Pro Certified, fully insured, 10+ years in the industry, and our satisfaction guarantee are some of the few reasons customers choose us. Whether you are looking to do a major overhaul on your vehicles paint, or looking to dial in the last percentiles of perfection, Ray’s Auto Salon has you covered.

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